Sunday, November 21, 2010

wishes once again and still in vain

hello and here comes another cloud of thoughts,

Last week I had a talk with a friend. It made me realize (once again) that there are several levels of communication. You know you talk to someone, and still even though the person is listening to you they are not listening as well. They hear the words, but they don't understand them. Some might say this happens a lot when one is not talking in their mother-tongue, but I say even in when talking your mother-tongue this kind of misunderstanding somehow became so common and usual in nowadays' world.But why?
Why can't people just rest some minutes per day and try to listen first of all to themselves? I believe that far too many of us are so restless that they just can't stop any minute to just listen to themselves and their feelings, wishes or dreams; But I think that those dreams, hopes, wishes (or whatever there is) is important to gather the energy for the life itself and for friends who need our help. I mean friends, those people who are pretty close to one, they can give you so much, but from time to time they also need your support. And since you are called as a friend by them isn't normal to help then. Well for me it is obvious to help, but I learned last week that this doesn't go for everyone.
What am I actually talking about?!?! I suppose it's the normal life, that people change as soon as their life situation changes. Before I started to write this entry I was looking through some old photos (back in the days so to say :D), nice memories came up while looking at those photos. Maybe I am at the moment just thinking to much of the past, but I am just not so good with loosing people and it kinda always throws me back down...

well I hope all those thoughts, that I kinda tried to write down here, aren't too foggy and unclear ;).


Monday, November 8, 2010

Ways of life

Hello lovely world out there :)

I am back. A lot of things have happened in my life lately. Another chapter in my life has been finished. My internship is over. It was an amazing time, and I really enjoyed it. Right now I kinda have too much spare time, though I know I should enjoy since my bachelor's thesis is just around the corner ;). So another busy time is about to come ;) but the internship time was somehow special and it was nice to get to know such nice people and OF COURSE to get foot into the business ;).

Apart from my internship I kinda started to think a bit about things that happened lately. With things I mean more or less the relationship between two individuals. I am talking about any kind of relationship, no matter whether it's a friendship or a serious relationship between man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. I don't know, but lately I started to notice that people change/d. That they keep on going their way of life and so do I and eventual both paths will go on apart from each other. I mean it's not that I didn't knew that already. It's just that there are people in my life who I kinda value more than others (I guess/hope everybody has such people in their life), and somehow I feel right now that with some of those people the communication is becoming more and more one-way-communication. Or at least the first action is just coming from one side. I just ask myself why? I mean it's OK, to start a new chapter in your life but is that reason enough to leave friends behind who you used to call your bestie? Maybe but I am not so sure about that ! Since I moved abroad certain people showed me that even 1200km between us can't change anything ;). And I am so happy to know those few people :) :*.

Maybe it's just time to let go, but I just don't want to loose this one person....

This entry has been a bit more personal than the others, but I somehow needed to get my thoughts out of my head, I am pretty sure you all know this kind of feeling ;).

Lots of Love,


Thursday, September 30, 2010

still between dream and reality


sorry that I was a bit more quiet lately. There were just some things that I kinda needed to sort out for myself before writing anything down here.

I am just listening to some music that reminds me of the hardest days in my life, and still listening to those songs makes me feel weird and brings thoughts back that I thought I buried a long time ago. Ok there are also some nice thoughts coming up again. Memories of some special moments which I spent with a very good friend of mine. Guess we are still friends because we share the same kind of weirdness :D Though I haven't seen her in person for a long time I enjoy knowing that she is still there, when I need her... Thanks at this point to her *waves towards the neighbor-country*.

but just to quote one song that I just listened, which I think fitted about 7 years ago quite as well as it does nowadays: "....she lives in the clouds, talks to the birds,... hopeless little one".

best wishes,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deep in a dream

This happens on a Sunday when there is too much time to think about different things. I just somehow needed to get some of my thoughts out of my head, so I was again a bit creative.

Deep in a Dream

Deep in a dream,
following the beauty,
finding the heaven.
True love's first kiss.

Dreaming of wonderland,
a place without time.
Love dwells,
as thorns grow.

Wishing upon a star,
beneath Elysian fields,
still not one with Hades.

Sight for eternity,
grasp the broken lines.

Standing by the shore,
deep in a dream

copyright by Oceanlady

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Mr. Medicine

As Eliza Doolittle sings:

"Oh Mr. Medicine,
I will take anything.
What do you recommend?
Oh Mr. Medicine,
I need my vitamins.
Will I feel better then?"

Though I heavily doubt right now that vitamins would help right now ;). I think I'd prefer a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream, some good movie and my bestie here with me. But well, as we all noticed already, life ain't an everlasting lollypop.
This week was just way out of track. I am just not a friend of hidden messages somewhere between two lines. Why can't people talk directly to each other, and say what they mean (or at least they could try)?!? I am just slowly tired of figuring things out.
OK, then again I had to learn (once again) that whatever a person tells there'll be always people who won't take that person serious or whatever, I have no idea... But I for my taste, believe a person when they tell me the sun ain't shining, that the sun really isn't shining. I won't go and look through the window just to see by myself that the sun really isn't out there shining (anyhow just seeing a grey sky is not that nice ;)). But I guess you folks got the point that I just tried to make clear.

Lots of love from Finland,

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dreams, where do they come from? Do we really decide by ourselves what our dreams and wishes in life are, or is it all influenced by the surrounding in which we grow up etc.? Why do some of us give up their dreams and why have others the energy to fight for their dreams?

I by myself can't complain that my dreams just stay dreams. I managed to make my biggest dream reality!
Then again I meet people and they tell me, what they would like to do; but within the same second they also tell me all the negative things that may happen, and in the end they somehoe stopped believing in their dreams. But why? At least from my own experience I learned, that when you think positive it is much easier to achieve your goal(s) or dreams. I know it's sometimes hard to think positive and sometimes it even might be good to just let the tears run, but there is always the moment when one should think of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because the sun will always return one day. As it is already said in one of my all-time favourite movies: "It can't rain all the time."
I know that I am probably anyhow just a damn optimist ;) but I haven't been always like that, I learned to think positive, and so I believe that others can as well.

And honestly the world would be also so much nicer and better if not every second person is whining all the time ;).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Music Post

Hi folks,

here comes again a post. But a slightly different this time!!! I am just listening to the album "Happiness" by Hurts. And gosh I have to say this a really good one! It's this typical kind of synthi-pop influenced music with the right amount of melancholy mixed into it. I bet most of you have heard the first two singles from the album (at least those of you who switch on the radio from time to time ;))

For me this is definitely one of the best albums of the year. And the lyrics of the song "The water" are just so touching.
If you haven't heard of "Hurts" yet, then check them out. I think it's really worth it!!!

With love from Finland,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time will not heal a dead boy's scar

Dear Folks out there :)

here I am again :) back from the City Ranch in Lepsämä :) I was there for a friend's housewarming party, so yeah it was a nice weekend :) Though I had some conversation last night, that made me recall several things.

Sometimes life goes such weird ways, and due to such strange ways (which we often don't understand immediately) people have to go through some really shitty things in their life. I experienced that if you still keep your eyes open while going through some shit, then you will notice that there is always someone trying to help, if you let that person help you. Of course sometimes the person can't help to ease the pain or make the tears stop falling. But that person will at least try to catch your tears before they start to build up a lake in which you will drown.
I by myself experienced that it's sometimes hard to keep the eyes open and to take one step after another out of the mess, but moments like this weekend (being with really good friends) shows me once again, that it's always worth to keep on fighting.

Paradise Seeker

Your heart captured,
locked in a golden box.
Hidden somewhere,
far away so no one will ever find it.

You use to loose yourself,
into the fairytale of golden days.
You use to hide your tears,
between the lines of your lullaby.

Your dreams,
broken and buried.
Lost back in time,
when the sun still used to shine.

My dear, I know,
you've been hurt,
you're craving for peace.
But let me ease your pain,
show you the way to your garden of Eden,
and bring back the smile I loved so well.

Lots of Love from Finland,

Monday, August 30, 2010

she used to be a pearl

Hi world out there.

Well I am just listening to the new Katy Perry album "Teenage Dream" on Spotify. And there are two songs on the album that I really love. The first one is "Pearl" just because of the lyrics; "She used to be a pear,..... Can't believe she's become a shell of herself...." But in the end the pearl is back, so yeah it was just hidden (or lost) for some time but the pearl didn't die. This kind of spirit I also learned to have. Life is just like that! Bad things can happen, and they will happen, but there will be always something good following up as well.
When I remember back some years ago, I hard a hard time to learn that lesson, but I managed and it made me strong. And I guess people are right when they are saying that shit and assholes make one strong,.... But well I guess I won't dig too deep into this subject now ;)

The other song I love on the album is "Not like the movies" and again the lyrics mean a lot to me. The dream about finding the right match, but realizing that you can't find him/her, it's more that you need to be found by him/her ;). And well the piano is just so damn beautiful, so another reason to love that song ;).

So yeah I guess that was it already for today, maybe it wasn't that much, but I really won't dig the subject deeper here ;).

lots of love from Finland,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

moths flying into the light

Hello once again.

After today I really think that the Finnish summer is over now. It was a rainy autumn like day today (though in the late afternoon the sun came through). But to be honest I really love autumn. When leaves turn reddish and the sky is more grey than anything else. I kinda think it's the beauty of melancholy which you just can experience in autumn ;).

What else happened since my last entry?!? Somehow not that much and then again so much. Probably once again it just depends on the point of view.

Last weekend showed me again, what good friends I found here in Helsinki. It's somehow a miracle what ways life goes from time to time. But I am so glad about some ways that my life took, because those people I am right now talking about, they are very important to me. I know they are there when I need them, I know I can always trust them. And in my life I learned pretty early that this is not that normal in this world!!! Yeah the good old lessons that life teaches us ;)

well anyhow I think it's time to thank those few people who I definitely can call my besties ;)

With love from Finland,

Today's song:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blurish Nonsense

Hi everyone :)

yeah I am still alive after last weekend ;). The festival summer is now over and I have to say it was one of the bests I've ever had ;). Thanks to all the ones who've shared with me those precious moments!!!

Yesterday I met some very nice people (for three years they are already a part in my life) and so yesterday was just awesome (though the day didn't start too well ;)). But I think we all can agree that there is nothing better in life than the people who are truely caring about you. I think especially today's life is really busy and people tend to forget about the small things in life. So I think it is important to just relax from time to time, to take a deep breath and maybe take a look beside the road you are walking on :). Lately I've read "The Zahir" by Paulo Coelho. For me it was the first book written by him that I've read but I have to say the thoughts in this book, they are so basic but still so pure and important!!! We shouldn't take anything for granted, because things just might change over the next night or day. At this point I'd also like to mention the movie "Remember Me" wich is also a brilliant one. The movie is based on the same thought; live the moment because you never know what will happen.

I think I started to think about this again, because of two things; a) my life has been quite busy lately and I think I kinda forgot to look beside the road I am walking and b) some friends went lately through some shit, and I think some of that could be avoided when people just would start to respect each other a bit more and wouldn't take everything for granted. I know this sounds a bit like this let's-make-a-new-world-which-will-be-pink-and-no-one's-ever-sad-shit. And trust me, I know that life ain't such a pink world full of flowers where everyone loves each other. Nevertheless I think that sometimes at least those people who call themselves someone's friend should at least try to care more for each other.

well, I guess those were now just some thoughts I had to write down!!!

And here the Top5 of my momentary playlist:

1. B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes
2. Eminem feat. Rihanna - Love the Way you Lie
3. TicTacToe - Spiegel
4. Irina - Et huomaa
5. Nightwish - The Pendulum and the Poet

Lots of love from Finland,

Friday, August 13, 2010


Wuhu,... here comes another weekend :) but this time a damn rocking one ;) It's the Ankkarock-Weekend ;) so yeah I'll be tomorrow and Sunday straying around on the festival area, enjoying good music and hopefully good weather ;) but just in case I'll have the rubber boots with me ;).

I wish you all as much fun as I am going to have :)

and here a song to dream yourself away a bit ;)

Hyvää viikonloppua and as always lots of love from Finland,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pure Confusion....

Hi again....

Gosh is my calender lying or is it really already August? O.O time really seems to run, but there is now one thing why I am happy about the fact that time is running ;) Because next month finally the skating season starts again for me :) so I'll be back on the ice and having my weekly training :)

Otherwise the last time was strange once again. There were such brilliant moments which just show me that life is definitely worth living, but then there were those little moments where I just questioned everything. And somehow this kind of feeling just pushes me down -.- but maybe also that just belongs to the thing we call life ;).

Tears in your eyes,
sadness on your face.
traces burned into your face,
memories of the past.

You chose the fight,
you dared to take the step.
You wanted to live.
But all you're left with,
is a broken dream.

You were strong,
never looked back.
Never questioned anything,
and always went your way.

Back in the golden days,
people looked at you,
loved and admired you.
Now, the sun is gone,
and you are alone.

The shooting star you're hoping for,
it won't come this night.
The warmth you are longing for,
won't meld your coat of ice.

With love from Finland,

Saturday, July 31, 2010

questions over questions...

here I am again,... and gosh again a lot of things happened this week. It was really a very busy time.

Earlier I told you that I would move, well I can forget about this plan right now. It's just not possible right now, but I will see, I hope that one day in the near future I have the chance of really moving closer to the city center.

Well, but as already kinda mentioned in the heading of this post. There are things running through my mind, thoughts..... some are quite clear others not really. For example I met some friends last week, and we talked a lot about different things which happened lately. And somehow that one question popped up in my mind: "What do we expect in life?" or what can we expect and what shouldn't we expect?
I guess everybody has their own opinion and answer to that question, but might it anyway sometimes be that we expect too much and that's why we fear to take some steps in life?!?

gosh I am getting philosophical once again,... but well those questions just somehow stayed in my mind... maybe due to the action that took place in my life last week. Life just seemed to go on the fastest lane on a highway once again.... I guess in such times one just starts to think about those basic things.

lots of love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not a usual weekend

Hello world out there ;)

though the weekend lies already a bit behind and we are in the middle of another week, I'd like to share my experiences from last the weekend with you :)

I have been at the Pori Jazz Festival. Some of you might think now "WTF Jazz??" and to those I just quote Frank Zappa "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." The festival was really an awesome experience. The whole feeling was just very relaxed and one was able to see that people came there to enjoy the whole atmosphere.

Well, so we stayed from Friday until Sunday in Pori. It was actually my first time in Pori (apart from one or two times, where I was just passing through the town ;)) And well what shall I say the town reminded me a lot of my hometown. Seaside, kinda small town but once year there is a huge happening and the whole city is full of life. Yeah I guess right now I kinda regret that I missed this year's festival in my hometown ;) Especially the medieval part of it (though it's nothing compared to the real medieval festivals) I kinda miss, but next summer will come for sure and then I might be again in middle-europe ;).

At the Pori Jazz Festival we watched on Saturday night N.E.R.D. and Massive Attack. Both bands were just brilliant and we had a lot of fun while dancing and partying ;) On Saturday we went to watch Eric Bibb (who was actually pretty good, it was just the perfect music for a Sundaz morning picknick), the Gustav Lundgren Quartet feat. Teemu Viinikainen and Husband(the last band reminded me with their sound a bit of Dream Theater).

And then Sunday evening it was time to leave Pori again, kinda sad that time went by that quickly (once again) but I know one day I gonna go to Pori again ;).

I still didn't receive the photos from that weekend, but I guarantee you, that as soon as I gonna get them I gonna put one or two online here ;).

Lots of Love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Die Gute Charlotte

How shall I start,.... am I really already in the state of writing sentences with some kind of content?!? xD

well, what shall I say; this was just awesome... you might ask yourself now: "What the hell is that girl now talking about?!" and honestly to this question are two answers ;)

so let me start with the more recent one:

I got today the chance to go to the Good Charlotte gig at Tavastia. And folks out there, I can tell you that band is just awesome live. They are definitely worth going ;) I was kinda surprised that they played quite a lot of old songs (The Anthem, Girls and Boys, The story of my old man, The young and the hopeless, my bloody valentine, Lifestyle of the rich and famous and many more) but I won't complain ;) they kinda made me feel young again (yeah I am soooooooooo....ooooooo old :D). And there has been communication between the audience and the band throughout the whole gig. So it was luckily a totally different experience than last Monday.
Good Charlotte definitely rocked Tavastia and one thing is for sure I'd go any time again to see them live.

well and now the second great news: I GONNA MOVE :) closer to the city center :)

Lots of love,

PS: here the song for the evening:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

aaaaand action.....

Hello once again,

I know it's already late but I just have some thoughts running through my mind, and they kinda prevent me from sleeping ;) (I guess everyone of us got to know this feeling already).

Well, my life is just once again changing. A lot of actions are happening right now in my life and somehow now in the evening I have the time to think about everything. I see my last two days running in front of my eyes, as I would watch a movie with me as the main actress. I know, or better I feel that it's the right thing what I am doing now, but still things are happening so fast. And that scares me from time to time. I always try to live the moment as much as possible and sometimes it would be nice to just press the "pause" button, but that's not possible, and I know that.
Well, maybe this is just one step in life; realizing that time is running no matter what we do or leave undone. I for myself just also noticed that there are certain people in my life who are like constants in my life and I think from those very few people I also can get some energy to keep on going my way (which btw is really worth going ;)).

So at this point: THANKS to those very few people :)

Lots of love from Finland,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

back to the roots

Here I am again, freshly and full of energy *LMAO* well, ok, maybe not freshly and full of energy, but I am back from Tampere ;).

Friday midday it was time to leave Helsinki, to escape for a few days from this big-city-life. So yeah with nice company on the way to Tampere I was going for a great weekend. On Friday evening a friend had her house-warming party. It was a really nice evening. I met a lot of my Tampere friends again and together we had a blast :) Later that evening we were in an Irish pub :) I kinda like places where I can get a glas of Kilkenny ;)
The Saturday was a total chill-out day :) We spent it at the Pyynikki beach. It was a brilliant sunny day so I finally got rid of my office taint, and now I hope for the one or other sunny day before Thursday when I return to the office again :).
The evening we spent at "Jack the Rooster" where we had about 3h hardcore karaoke :D. And after that we enjoyed the Guns n' Roses tribute band. My personal favorite "Paradise City" they played as the very last song. That was just awesome :).

Well, and today I returned to the big city ;) again with nice company on the train trip from Tampere to Helsinki :).

well here is one photo from Friday:

Lots of love from Finland,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The creativity post

As I promised earlier today I gonna post the outcome of my latest flow of creativity here :)

Hide and seek

Again it's you,
standing in the mist of October's dawn.
Again it's you,
playing the game you've lost before.

Hide and Seek,
you whisper and run.
Hide and Seek,
you pray and loose.

Trying to break loose,
trying not to be caught in time.
Running away from your tears,
while burying your dreams.

Hide and Seek,
you whisper and run.
Hide and Seek,
you pray and loose.

The curtain of confusion,
will fall for the last time.
no crowd will be cheering for you,
no encore will be asked,
your little heart will just seek the night,
and cover its scars with eternal darkness.

3 1/2 hours to go

Hi lovely world out there ;)

gosh it's Wednesday and just some hours left 'till I start my week of vacation :) Yeah though I love my job I really can't wait to finally sleep one hour more per night and finally see some friends again who I haven't seen for some time ;). So yeah next weekend I'll be back in Tampere for a few days :) enjoying there some precious time with good old friends :) and probably bumping into the blues bar for a drink :D

and here is today's song:

Yesterday was a wonderful day as well :) I met some friends after work just hang out in Kaisaniemen puisto for some drinks and a lot of small talk :). so yeah I am totally up-to-date now xD Also the weather was perfect :) though a lot of people are complaining that it's too hot, I think we should be happy about this perfect summer weather, since winter will come and it will last quite a time again ;)

then I talked to my mum yesterday evening.... kinda miss my family especially since I will maybe see them next time around Christmas and if that doesn't work then I gonna see them next year in spring. so yeah some time to go until then...

oh and I had a short flow of my creative side again, I will post that later today, so stay tuned ;)

lots of love from Finland,

Monday, July 12, 2010


O.o slowly I start to wonder "Am I really in Finland?!?" gosh it's warm outside.... here in our office we have an air-conditioner and I guess without I wouldn't be alive anymore :D But people don't get me wrong I am not complaining at all about the heat out there :) it really feels great, and I know in November I will long so much for this heat, when outside everything starts to be slushy and grey again ;). So yeah I love the summer right now :) today after work I gonna go for a little picknick with a friend of mine :) this means analsying the last 4 months, since we haven't seen each other for such a long time :) gosh how time is running again O.o sometimes it's really unbelievable...

Yesterday was great :) I had this trip with my ex-host-mum to the Turku islands :) sorry, I have no photo-camera at the moment, so I wasn't able to capture the beautiful landscape there :) but folks trust me, it's worth a trip ;) And it really felt like mini-holidays.

oh and here a song that I really love :)

lot's of love from Finland

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer-feeling :)

OK, here I am again, and yeah I am sorry that I didn't write for such a long time. And there is even no real excuse for being absent for such a long time ;) But well I hope you aren't too mad at me.

So yeah summer arrived here in Finland :) and it
feels awesome :) tough I am kinda melting away ATM. I just love it :) and the best thing just three work-days left and then I have one week holidays :) gosh I hope the weather will be the same then :) I can't wait to have a lazy day at the beach, though I gonna have to read some books then, but still reading is still nicer while lying at the beach in the sun :)

Well otherwise everything stays the same so far ;) my job is still fun, though right now we really have a silent season, so it's not that busy ;) but it's ok and I really appreciate it :)

Yesterday I met a friend and we had a lot of fun while doing a crazy photo-shooting :) here is a small selection of the photos that we took yesterday :)

well yeah I am sry, this is also a very short post, since I am going to Turku today, just a one day trip, but I am pretty sure, that it will be nice :)

terkkuja Suomesta

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small update from Helsinki

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all are doing fine :). The weather here in Helsinki isn't the best one, it's kinda grey and rainy, thought it was quite sunny last Thursday. Thursday morning was just brilliant. To get to work I always take first the bus and then the metro (from Sörnäinen). Mostly I am that early in Ruoholahti that I take the way to the office which goes by the sea. And Thursday morning it was so great when the sun reflects itself on the water surface, and the little breeze in my hair. It was a perfect morning.

Also my work is really fun :) I really enjoy it. It's kinda amazing that my first week is already over. Concerning my tasks this week, they weren't that challenging but I think with the time they will become more challenging (at least I hope so ;)).

and again a song I want to share with you ;)this time it's one of the latest Indica songs. I kinda like this song ;)

ok, I will be off now

lots of love from Helsinki

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 week to go

Ok, here I am again ;)

and yeah as the title says, one week to go 'till the moving day ;) Already now I am living more or less in a flat that is mainly decorated by boxes which are either completely filled or in progress :D
So yeah I am also more or less freaking out here, but I try to just take a deep breath and look forward 'till this all is done and I can start to relax in Helsinki again. I think it's just that there will start this new exciting chapter in my life, and I start to realize how easy time's pass by without noticing it.

Well anyway, I think this is just normal in life, but still I think everybody should take this "time-out" from time to time, just to reflect themselves and trying to enjoy the small things in life, because those always make life worth living ;).

and this time a song that really motivates me when feeling a lack of energy ;)

Lots of love from Finland

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hyvää Pääsiäistä :)

Hyvää Pääsiäistä :)
Hi everyone, and again I don't know where the time has gone. Somehow we have already April O.o So in other words, this is my last month in the nice town called Tampere. Very soonish I am heading back...Hi everyone,

and again I don't know where the time has gone. Somehow we have already April O.o
So in other words, this is my last month in the nice town called Tampere. Very soonish I am heading back to Helsinki <3 but of course there is also a sad side of the coin. The big "good-bye-saying" started. I know sounds kinda stupid when you consider that Tampere is just about 2h away from Helsinki, but on the other hand I'll be quite busy with my job and all the projects that are coming up as well. I guess somewhere in Juli I'll be able to visit Tampere again (at least I hope so ;)).

Ok, now some info to get you up to date ;)
Last week was my last skating practice for this season. It was nice, we went through all the jumps, step combinations, spirals and spins ;)
Yesterday eveing I went to the blues bar here in Tampere, there was once again the jam session "Once in a blue moon jamit". It was a very nice evening, and I really enjoyed yesterday evening. This jam session is on every first Saturday of the month. So people if you happen to be here in Tampere at the beginning of the month, just go there. The atmosphere is woth it ;).

Well otherwise TAMK still consumes a lot of my time and my spare time I already used to fill the first packing cases. It's ince again amazing how much stuff one person can collect during two years :D :D But a move is also a good possibility to get rid of all the unnecessairy things.
Oh and spring kinda arrived here finally as well :D Though it was snowing one time last week, the temperature was the last few days clearly above 0°C, normally it was around +5°C (in the sun it was even warmer). This feeling of spring is just so wonderful!

oh and here an internet artist I really like:

I wish you all "Happy happy easter"


Thursday, March 18, 2010

just a normal day ;)

Hi everyone,

it's me again ;) Thought I let you know that I am still alive ;)

Well, honestly here didn't happen that much lately. The normal ups and downs, but what would the life be without them? right, it would be a bit boring ;)

We are still waiting for spring to arrive, it really lets us wait -.- just last night it snowed again (though not that much, but still ;)) and today morning we had -10°C. But at least the sun was /is shining very bright at the moment ;) so it gives us at least the feeling that spring is knocking at the door ;)
And when I look at the calendar I notice once more that time is running ;) we are already in the second half of March, so in about one month I am going to move to Helsinki. I am so thrilled to finally move back home ;). At this point I have to mention my amazing friends in Helsinki, they never let me down in the past and also now with this "big" move they are helping me with all kind of things!!!! honestly guys, without you I'd never ever made it that far ;). KIITOKSIA PALJON TEILLE KAIKILLE ;)

well what else goes through my mind right now?!? probably not too much since I relaxed a bit this week, this was just necessairy after the last two weeks, my brain totally felt like being toasted.... but this week I was able to recharge my batteries and so I think I'll have the energy to give everything in that very last part of my theoretical studies ;).

I wish you all a very nice rest of the week and a nice weekend ;)


here the song of today:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hyvää Naistenpäivää (Women's day)

Hi everyone,
I am back in "winter wonderland". I came bac home yesterday evening after spending two nice days at my host family's place in Helsinki.

Now I just keep wondering what I did last week that I still feel in a huge need of vacation... One week is just not enough, especially when teachers don't care and the pile of work just keeps on growing and growing. But I guess that's life ;). But so I skipped the skating lesson today, so that I can focus 2 more hours on "Business law and ethics" yeah it sounds exciting, I know ;)).

I hope you all are doing fine, and to all the female readers here: "Have a great women's day". Just be the queen today ;).

lots of love from Finland,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terveisiä Saksasta

Hi everyone,

I feel like letting you know that I have a wonderful week here in Germany. Although it's almost over. Tomorrow I gonna fly back to Finland. But I won't think about that right now, rather I just wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;)
I think most of you know that I am a total "family-person", so yeah every holiday that I spent here with my family is kinda recharging my batteries ;). And when I see the upcoming actions in my life I think I really need this energy package ;).

But now a short summary about the most wonderful moments in the last week. Last Friday I had some friends over, and we had a really nice relaxing evening with a lot of laughter ;). Then last Saturday I went out with some friends, that was a long and very funny night ;) Although we stayed 'till 4am or something like that in the "Tunis" (my favourite bar/ club here), I wasn't able to talk to all the people I wanted, since there were just too many people I wanted to talk to ;).
Sunday was a total "family-day" and that was just wonderful :). Nothing special just the typical things and especially a nice dinner ;). And then on Tuesday I met two friends and had another very nice day.

Ok I think that's enough for now, 'cause I wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;).

Lots of love from Germany,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The philharmonic orchestra from Kemi

Hello my dears,

yes this time I have to share a lot of information with you ;) Well let's see whether my mental condition is already that well that I am able to write some sentences here which conain at least some sense ;)

Yesterday 7pm it was THE moment, the doors of Pakkahuone opened. And slowly the queue moved inside. It was my first time in Pakkahuone, so far I have had been just in Klubi. The stage of Pakkahuone is bigger than in Klubi, but still it's not too big, so that there is still this nice intimate club atmosphere.

At 7:45pm the support band "Winterborn" took the stage. Well let's say as a warm-up act they weren't that bad. There were even one or two songs that I partly liked (mostly because of the vocal lines). But in general their songs sounded too much the same all the time.
I think we (me + my besties) still had a nice time ;)

After "Winterborn" ended we had to wait 'till 9pm. Then we finally saw the act that made us come to Pakkahuone ;) SONATA ARCTICA!!! The intro (known from the latest album) was brilliant (well what do you expect if Apocalyptica was working on it ;)). Then the guys came on stage and started the show with "Flag in the ground". The gig was kinda brilliant :) Tony again played the "story-teller" also he showed us that he is able to yodel (yeah he really did that ;)) I think that yodel thingy made the two austrians standing next to me really feel like home ;).

The set-list contained songs like: Fullmoon, Paid in Full, As if the world wasn't ending, 8th Commandment, Replica, Juliet, Black Sheep (thx for playing my eternal fave ;)), The cage, The last amazing grays, Black and White and Don't say a word.

Tony did then some nice singing lesson with the audience and together we sang "We will rock you". That was pure fun and made this concert a unic moment in my collection of memories.

The end of the gig was then the Vodka song (but this time no slave came on stage to serve the Vodka ;)), which this time went over into a part of "Everything fades to grey".

Well, what else shall I say, I think everybody who has seen this band already knows how active they can be on stage, especially Tony jumping and dancing around on the stage ;). I just can say I enjoyed that gig and can't wait for the next one :).

I just wish that they would finally create some girly shirts that look a bit more attractive ;). Guys I would have been in the mood to spent money ;)

But well, I think that's enough of yesterday ;)

A lot of love from Finland

Copyright of the photos belongs to me

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Melkein lomalla ;)

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all are doing fine as well :) I am doing fine up here in the north ;) Today we have a brilliant winter day. It is sunny and cold, it is kinda perfect winter weather :)

A friend from Germany is right now here for holidays, she is staying one more week and joining on my flight to Germany (one week holiday for me ;)). But since she isn't that often here we are doing some sight-seeing, shopping and other things that make me almost feel like I have holidays ;) But just almost ;) because today one more exam and then two essays to submit. But then I can almost relax ;)

I am kinda looking forward for my Germany trip, because I know I'll see some nice people again, who I haven't seen in ages.

Paljon terrkuja

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy mood

Hi everyone :)
I am still alive :) but right now I am way too busy to keep you up to date, and I am really sorry about that ;) but well, there are so many things to arrange ;) finding a flat etc etc. And then also not forgetting the normal university stuff ;)
but again there is a light at the end of the tunnel ;) I gonna have a week off at the end of next month :) so I'll head to the south to have a relaxing week at my parent's place ;) I am really looking forward for it :)

I am sorry, but I am sitting once again in a lecture and should start to pay some attention ;)

lots of love from Finland,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hyvää uutta vuotta ;)

Hello everyone,
here I am, back in the world-wide-web ;) I decided for myself to spent all my holiday almost without any connection, that's why I wasn't really able to keep this blog up to date ;) But honestly I don't regret it :) I had a wonderful time off, I was able to relax as much as possible during all that christmas rush ;) and I had a great company all the time, although the company changed when I came back from Helsinki (where I spent my christmas time last year[isn't strange to say "last year"?!?]). For new year's eve my sis came over, and we spent a really nice time together. Watching movies, doing some after-christmas shopping, enjoying good food and taking walks through the nature. It was really a brilliant week that I just had.

The next breaking news: I got a new flatmate, a Finnish one this time :) but again just for a short time, but this time it's due to the fact that I gonna move out :) I gonna move back to Helsinki, back home I say :) I still can't believe it totally, but yeah everything goes according to plan xD

And also for you guys, the song of the year:

Echt - 2010

Lots of love,