Monday, January 4, 2010

Hyvää uutta vuotta ;)

Hello everyone,
here I am, back in the world-wide-web ;) I decided for myself to spent all my holiday almost without any connection, that's why I wasn't really able to keep this blog up to date ;) But honestly I don't regret it :) I had a wonderful time off, I was able to relax as much as possible during all that christmas rush ;) and I had a great company all the time, although the company changed when I came back from Helsinki (where I spent my christmas time last year[isn't strange to say "last year"?!?]). For new year's eve my sis came over, and we spent a really nice time together. Watching movies, doing some after-christmas shopping, enjoying good food and taking walks through the nature. It was really a brilliant week that I just had.

The next breaking news: I got a new flatmate, a Finnish one this time :) but again just for a short time, but this time it's due to the fact that I gonna move out :) I gonna move back to Helsinki, back home I say :) I still can't believe it totally, but yeah everything goes according to plan xD

And also for you guys, the song of the year:

Echt - 2010

Lots of love,

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