Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 week to go

Ok, here I am again ;)

and yeah as the title says, one week to go 'till the moving day ;) Already now I am living more or less in a flat that is mainly decorated by boxes which are either completely filled or in progress :D
So yeah I am also more or less freaking out here, but I try to just take a deep breath and look forward 'till this all is done and I can start to relax in Helsinki again. I think it's just that there will start this new exciting chapter in my life, and I start to realize how easy time's pass by without noticing it.

Well anyway, I think this is just normal in life, but still I think everybody should take this "time-out" from time to time, just to reflect themselves and trying to enjoy the small things in life, because those always make life worth living ;).

and this time a song that really motivates me when feeling a lack of energy ;)

Lots of love from Finland

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