Monday, November 8, 2010

Ways of life

Hello lovely world out there :)

I am back. A lot of things have happened in my life lately. Another chapter in my life has been finished. My internship is over. It was an amazing time, and I really enjoyed it. Right now I kinda have too much spare time, though I know I should enjoy since my bachelor's thesis is just around the corner ;). So another busy time is about to come ;) but the internship time was somehow special and it was nice to get to know such nice people and OF COURSE to get foot into the business ;).

Apart from my internship I kinda started to think a bit about things that happened lately. With things I mean more or less the relationship between two individuals. I am talking about any kind of relationship, no matter whether it's a friendship or a serious relationship between man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. I don't know, but lately I started to notice that people change/d. That they keep on going their way of life and so do I and eventual both paths will go on apart from each other. I mean it's not that I didn't knew that already. It's just that there are people in my life who I kinda value more than others (I guess/hope everybody has such people in their life), and somehow I feel right now that with some of those people the communication is becoming more and more one-way-communication. Or at least the first action is just coming from one side. I just ask myself why? I mean it's OK, to start a new chapter in your life but is that reason enough to leave friends behind who you used to call your bestie? Maybe but I am not so sure about that ! Since I moved abroad certain people showed me that even 1200km between us can't change anything ;). And I am so happy to know those few people :) :*.

Maybe it's just time to let go, but I just don't want to loose this one person....

This entry has been a bit more personal than the others, but I somehow needed to get my thoughts out of my head, I am pretty sure you all know this kind of feeling ;).

Lots of Love,


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