Wednesday, August 25, 2010

moths flying into the light

Hello once again.

After today I really think that the Finnish summer is over now. It was a rainy autumn like day today (though in the late afternoon the sun came through). But to be honest I really love autumn. When leaves turn reddish and the sky is more grey than anything else. I kinda think it's the beauty of melancholy which you just can experience in autumn ;).

What else happened since my last entry?!? Somehow not that much and then again so much. Probably once again it just depends on the point of view.

Last weekend showed me again, what good friends I found here in Helsinki. It's somehow a miracle what ways life goes from time to time. But I am so glad about some ways that my life took, because those people I am right now talking about, they are very important to me. I know they are there when I need them, I know I can always trust them. And in my life I learned pretty early that this is not that normal in this world!!! Yeah the good old lessons that life teaches us ;)

well anyhow I think it's time to thank those few people who I definitely can call my besties ;)

With love from Finland,

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