Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terveisiä Saksasta

Hi everyone,

I feel like letting you know that I have a wonderful week here in Germany. Although it's almost over. Tomorrow I gonna fly back to Finland. But I won't think about that right now, rather I just wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;)
I think most of you know that I am a total "family-person", so yeah every holiday that I spent here with my family is kinda recharging my batteries ;). And when I see the upcoming actions in my life I think I really need this energy package ;).

But now a short summary about the most wonderful moments in the last week. Last Friday I had some friends over, and we had a really nice relaxing evening with a lot of laughter ;). Then last Saturday I went out with some friends, that was a long and very funny night ;) Although we stayed 'till 4am or something like that in the "Tunis" (my favourite bar/ club here), I wasn't able to talk to all the people I wanted, since there were just too many people I wanted to talk to ;).
Sunday was a total "family-day" and that was just wonderful :). Nothing special just the typical things and especially a nice dinner ;). And then on Tuesday I met two friends and had another very nice day.

Ok I think that's enough for now, 'cause I wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;).

Lots of love from Germany,

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