Saturday, July 31, 2010

questions over questions...

here I am again,... and gosh again a lot of things happened this week. It was really a very busy time.

Earlier I told you that I would move, well I can forget about this plan right now. It's just not possible right now, but I will see, I hope that one day in the near future I have the chance of really moving closer to the city center.

Well, but as already kinda mentioned in the heading of this post. There are things running through my mind, thoughts..... some are quite clear others not really. For example I met some friends last week, and we talked a lot about different things which happened lately. And somehow that one question popped up in my mind: "What do we expect in life?" or what can we expect and what shouldn't we expect?
I guess everybody has their own opinion and answer to that question, but might it anyway sometimes be that we expect too much and that's why we fear to take some steps in life?!?

gosh I am getting philosophical once again,... but well those questions just somehow stayed in my mind... maybe due to the action that took place in my life last week. Life just seemed to go on the fastest lane on a highway once again.... I guess in such times one just starts to think about those basic things.

lots of love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not a usual weekend

Hello world out there ;)

though the weekend lies already a bit behind and we are in the middle of another week, I'd like to share my experiences from last the weekend with you :)

I have been at the Pori Jazz Festival. Some of you might think now "WTF Jazz??" and to those I just quote Frank Zappa "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." The festival was really an awesome experience. The whole feeling was just very relaxed and one was able to see that people came there to enjoy the whole atmosphere.

Well, so we stayed from Friday until Sunday in Pori. It was actually my first time in Pori (apart from one or two times, where I was just passing through the town ;)) And well what shall I say the town reminded me a lot of my hometown. Seaside, kinda small town but once year there is a huge happening and the whole city is full of life. Yeah I guess right now I kinda regret that I missed this year's festival in my hometown ;) Especially the medieval part of it (though it's nothing compared to the real medieval festivals) I kinda miss, but next summer will come for sure and then I might be again in middle-europe ;).

At the Pori Jazz Festival we watched on Saturday night N.E.R.D. and Massive Attack. Both bands were just brilliant and we had a lot of fun while dancing and partying ;) On Saturday we went to watch Eric Bibb (who was actually pretty good, it was just the perfect music for a Sundaz morning picknick), the Gustav Lundgren Quartet feat. Teemu Viinikainen and Husband(the last band reminded me with their sound a bit of Dream Theater).

And then Sunday evening it was time to leave Pori again, kinda sad that time went by that quickly (once again) but I know one day I gonna go to Pori again ;).

I still didn't receive the photos from that weekend, but I guarantee you, that as soon as I gonna get them I gonna put one or two online here ;).

Lots of Love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Die Gute Charlotte

How shall I start,.... am I really already in the state of writing sentences with some kind of content?!? xD

well, what shall I say; this was just awesome... you might ask yourself now: "What the hell is that girl now talking about?!" and honestly to this question are two answers ;)

so let me start with the more recent one:

I got today the chance to go to the Good Charlotte gig at Tavastia. And folks out there, I can tell you that band is just awesome live. They are definitely worth going ;) I was kinda surprised that they played quite a lot of old songs (The Anthem, Girls and Boys, The story of my old man, The young and the hopeless, my bloody valentine, Lifestyle of the rich and famous and many more) but I won't complain ;) they kinda made me feel young again (yeah I am soooooooooo....ooooooo old :D). And there has been communication between the audience and the band throughout the whole gig. So it was luckily a totally different experience than last Monday.
Good Charlotte definitely rocked Tavastia and one thing is for sure I'd go any time again to see them live.

well and now the second great news: I GONNA MOVE :) closer to the city center :)

Lots of love,

PS: here the song for the evening:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

aaaaand action.....

Hello once again,

I know it's already late but I just have some thoughts running through my mind, and they kinda prevent me from sleeping ;) (I guess everyone of us got to know this feeling already).

Well, my life is just once again changing. A lot of actions are happening right now in my life and somehow now in the evening I have the time to think about everything. I see my last two days running in front of my eyes, as I would watch a movie with me as the main actress. I know, or better I feel that it's the right thing what I am doing now, but still things are happening so fast. And that scares me from time to time. I always try to live the moment as much as possible and sometimes it would be nice to just press the "pause" button, but that's not possible, and I know that.
Well, maybe this is just one step in life; realizing that time is running no matter what we do or leave undone. I for myself just also noticed that there are certain people in my life who are like constants in my life and I think from those very few people I also can get some energy to keep on going my way (which btw is really worth going ;)).

So at this point: THANKS to those very few people :)

Lots of love from Finland,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

back to the roots

Here I am again, freshly and full of energy *LMAO* well, ok, maybe not freshly and full of energy, but I am back from Tampere ;).

Friday midday it was time to leave Helsinki, to escape for a few days from this big-city-life. So yeah with nice company on the way to Tampere I was going for a great weekend. On Friday evening a friend had her house-warming party. It was a really nice evening. I met a lot of my Tampere friends again and together we had a blast :) Later that evening we were in an Irish pub :) I kinda like places where I can get a glas of Kilkenny ;)
The Saturday was a total chill-out day :) We spent it at the Pyynikki beach. It was a brilliant sunny day so I finally got rid of my office taint, and now I hope for the one or other sunny day before Thursday when I return to the office again :).
The evening we spent at "Jack the Rooster" where we had about 3h hardcore karaoke :D. And after that we enjoyed the Guns n' Roses tribute band. My personal favorite "Paradise City" they played as the very last song. That was just awesome :).

Well, and today I returned to the big city ;) again with nice company on the train trip from Tampere to Helsinki :).

well here is one photo from Friday:

Lots of love from Finland,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The creativity post

As I promised earlier today I gonna post the outcome of my latest flow of creativity here :)

Hide and seek

Again it's you,
standing in the mist of October's dawn.
Again it's you,
playing the game you've lost before.

Hide and Seek,
you whisper and run.
Hide and Seek,
you pray and loose.

Trying to break loose,
trying not to be caught in time.
Running away from your tears,
while burying your dreams.

Hide and Seek,
you whisper and run.
Hide and Seek,
you pray and loose.

The curtain of confusion,
will fall for the last time.
no crowd will be cheering for you,
no encore will be asked,
your little heart will just seek the night,
and cover its scars with eternal darkness.

3 1/2 hours to go

Hi lovely world out there ;)

gosh it's Wednesday and just some hours left 'till I start my week of vacation :) Yeah though I love my job I really can't wait to finally sleep one hour more per night and finally see some friends again who I haven't seen for some time ;). So yeah next weekend I'll be back in Tampere for a few days :) enjoying there some precious time with good old friends :) and probably bumping into the blues bar for a drink :D

and here is today's song:

Yesterday was a wonderful day as well :) I met some friends after work just hang out in Kaisaniemen puisto for some drinks and a lot of small talk :). so yeah I am totally up-to-date now xD Also the weather was perfect :) though a lot of people are complaining that it's too hot, I think we should be happy about this perfect summer weather, since winter will come and it will last quite a time again ;)

then I talked to my mum yesterday evening.... kinda miss my family especially since I will maybe see them next time around Christmas and if that doesn't work then I gonna see them next year in spring. so yeah some time to go until then...

oh and I had a short flow of my creative side again, I will post that later today, so stay tuned ;)

lots of love from Finland,

Monday, July 12, 2010


O.o slowly I start to wonder "Am I really in Finland?!?" gosh it's warm outside.... here in our office we have an air-conditioner and I guess without I wouldn't be alive anymore :D But people don't get me wrong I am not complaining at all about the heat out there :) it really feels great, and I know in November I will long so much for this heat, when outside everything starts to be slushy and grey again ;). So yeah I love the summer right now :) today after work I gonna go for a little picknick with a friend of mine :) this means analsying the last 4 months, since we haven't seen each other for such a long time :) gosh how time is running again O.o sometimes it's really unbelievable...

Yesterday was great :) I had this trip with my ex-host-mum to the Turku islands :) sorry, I have no photo-camera at the moment, so I wasn't able to capture the beautiful landscape there :) but folks trust me, it's worth a trip ;) And it really felt like mini-holidays.

oh and here a song that I really love :)

lot's of love from Finland

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer-feeling :)

OK, here I am again, and yeah I am sorry that I didn't write for such a long time. And there is even no real excuse for being absent for such a long time ;) But well I hope you aren't too mad at me.

So yeah summer arrived here in Finland :) and it
feels awesome :) tough I am kinda melting away ATM. I just love it :) and the best thing just three work-days left and then I have one week holidays :) gosh I hope the weather will be the same then :) I can't wait to have a lazy day at the beach, though I gonna have to read some books then, but still reading is still nicer while lying at the beach in the sun :)

Well otherwise everything stays the same so far ;) my job is still fun, though right now we really have a silent season, so it's not that busy ;) but it's ok and I really appreciate it :)

Yesterday I met a friend and we had a lot of fun while doing a crazy photo-shooting :) here is a small selection of the photos that we took yesterday :)

well yeah I am sry, this is also a very short post, since I am going to Turku today, just a one day trip, but I am pretty sure, that it will be nice :)

terkkuja Suomesta