Thursday, September 30, 2010

still between dream and reality


sorry that I was a bit more quiet lately. There were just some things that I kinda needed to sort out for myself before writing anything down here.

I am just listening to some music that reminds me of the hardest days in my life, and still listening to those songs makes me feel weird and brings thoughts back that I thought I buried a long time ago. Ok there are also some nice thoughts coming up again. Memories of some special moments which I spent with a very good friend of mine. Guess we are still friends because we share the same kind of weirdness :D Though I haven't seen her in person for a long time I enjoy knowing that she is still there, when I need her... Thanks at this point to her *waves towards the neighbor-country*.

but just to quote one song that I just listened, which I think fitted about 7 years ago quite as well as it does nowadays: "....she lives in the clouds, talks to the birds,... hopeless little one".

best wishes,

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