Thursday, October 27, 2011

A nice link ;)

Hello everyone :)

I just wanted to share a link with you, it's about networking. I read the article and have to say, it should be obvious to behave polite etc but people don't ;) so I think this is a very good article to remind people of the etiquette ;)

Click here

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Readers,

My job in the Literary Agency is really a nice experience. I am able to develop my skills and learn a lot more about how the book industry works. I have to say that I find a few similarities to the music industry. I mean just by taking a very broad approach both industries are dealing with artists and their products.

Just a few moments ago we had a glass of champagne with one of our authors, since we wer able to just a big deal in Spain. Well, for me the nicest thing of this small get together wasn’t the champagne as many of you might think now, but the details of getting the deal that were shared together with the glass of champagne. Those details weren’t anything like how to negotiate such a deal but more about how nicely and easy thing can go sometimes (of course with a lot of effort invested beforehand).

But actually what I wanted to tell you is:
Down in the lobby there is a sentence which makes me think a bit each day when I pass by it. “Those who don’t read, just live one time”. I so agree with that sentence, because isn’t it that what makes a good book, that you can get lost in it, that you read page over page and at some point you notice that the clock shows almost midnight and you maybe should get some sleep.

tell me, what makes out a good book ;)

With Love,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Already October??!!??


wow, is it just me feeling weird, or is the time running like hell (once again). I just realized that soon it's my brother's birthday and then more or less two more months and the year is over.

Somehow in the end of a year there are so many things happening that the time is always short. Of course I don't just wanna complain ;) it is nice to have so much action in life, but I guess some of us really forget to take a deep breath and to focus on the most important things in life. I know that I forget those important things sometimes as well, or I don't forget them, but somehow they get lost in all the things that I have to do and that I wanna do. So I really don't wanna sound like some old wise granny, telling how one should live their life ;). It's more like me trying to remind myself of the important things.

Ok, I guess this post doesn't have so much content this time ;) I hope you can forgive me ;)

With Love,

PS: The video for Twincity's latest EP "Unbreakable" will be soon ready :) Then you'll hear the whole story from the shoot, see photos and a lot more ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The October Update ;)

Hello my dear readers :)

here comes the October Update. I was (again) pretty busy lately and somehow I didn't find the time to write my blog ;).

But I have good news! Being busy really paid off, since I found a new job. Well, it basically just another internship, so a limited contract until next April. But even though it's just another internship I am happy about it :) because it's a job in the book industry and even though this week is my first week at the Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency, I can say that there are certain similarities to the music industry. So I truly believe that I will gain some important knowledge and experiences at that agency. Right now I am waiting that the printer finally does what I want him to do, so that I can finish the presentation folders for the Frankfurt Book fair where my team will go to next week.

Btw. Talking about books, I am just in the middle of a very interesting book. "Change of Heart" is really about an interesting subject. It's about religion, how different people perceive religion and why there are still so many questions that no one really can answer. The book shows several conflicts between people and religion. I think it's a book that makes you think about the whole subject again.
Not that I really believe in that what is said in the bible or other holy writings ;) but I love to think about it, because nevertheless I think those writings (just like historical documentations) can provide us with some answers why humans act like they do ;)

but now let's see whether the printer works now ;)

lots of love,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A band in the need of support

Hi my folks,

I am very sorry that I didn't write for some time. But well I guess I promised already too often to change my writing habits and then again it didn't happen ;)

This time I would love to present a band to you. This band, which is called: Twincity, is a pretty young one but they already made a huge progress, they had already several gigs and just released their second EP. I really can say that these dudes have a lot of energy and will to fulfill their dream(s) ;). So give it a shoot and click the link below to get an impression of their music.

Soundcloud - Twincity

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The summer update

Hi folks,

summer arrived to Finland, and well with it a lot of changes :) I am working (once again) the whole summer, so yeah some things don't change ;)

But otherwise my life really changed a lot towards the sunny side :) I am just extremely happy right now. Kinda that happy that it's hard to put it into words ;) but still I give it a try ;)

Once upon a time,
there was a little soul,
lost in the darkness,
afraid of the light.
Scared to death,
by any warmth,

The little soul,
built a fortress of ice,
in which it felt save,
in which it felt strong,
in which it escapes into dreams.

But the winter passed by,
and the spring sun melted down the fortress.
The little soul felt the warmth of the sun,
and instead of being scared the little soul felt joy.
A feeling it never felt before,
a feeling so unknown, so new and precious.

Just one sorrow left, the fear of loosing it all,
and being banned again to the icy fortress.

But knowing clouds will hide the sun,
and darken the sky.
The little soul is living the dream,
enjoying the warmth of the sun,
and giving it all,
to make the summer stay forever.

any feedback is welcome, I guess it's not the best lyrics I've ever made, but it is kinda again the way I feel right now ;)

Lots of love,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The photo post

Here some pics from st. Petersburg :) I finally got them onto my computer
the limousine ride

the cathedral on the spilled blood.

again the cathedral on the spilled blood

the winter palace

st. isaac cathedral

lots of love,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The St. Petersburg update

Hello folks :)

here I am again. I wasn't kidnapped in Russia so I am now able to tell you about my last weekend which was pretty amazing.

Last Thursday I left Helsinki with a bunch of other students. We took the M/S Princess Maria to St. Petersburg. On the boat most of the people checked immediately the duty-free-shop. There we already got the first hints how the Russian mentality is like. Normal ciders or beers where kinda over priced, but Vodka was available for 2,50€ the bottle O.o

Friday morning we then arrived to St. Petersburg. But already when coming down the Neva river towards the harbor we experienced the Russian braveness. There were people standing on the ice floes about 50m away from the waterway, and they were ice fishing there while our big ferry passes by. So I was sitting at the breakfast and watching with disbelief at those people. yeah, I know "Welcome to Russia".
After the passport control we had a city tour in order to become a bit familiar with the city. We were shown the most important sights (most of them we were able to visit during the following days of our trip). During that city tour we also made a stop at a souvenir shop. But buying souvenirs wasn't the main reason why we went there. The main reasons were free Vodka and a free toilet ;). "Welcome to Russia II".
After the city tour some of us went to see the cathedral on the spilled blood. The only cathedral in St. Petersburg which has the typical Russian fairytale style in its architecture. It was really pretty impressive.
The first day in St. Petersburg ended with a Russian dinner party. That was a really nice experience. We were able to try different traditional dishes and with that we enjoyed of course some Russian Vodka and some Russian folk music.

The Saturday started pretty early since we left at 9:30am to Pushkin where we visited the Catherine's palace. Pushkin is about 30km away from St. Petersburg and at the Catherine's palace the tsars/tsarinas usually spent their summers. The palace itself was pretty huge and impressive, though maybe a bit too much gold has been used in the interior design for my taste. Luckily I am not living in the baroque era ;). Just two rooms that we visited weren't gold, because there has been a fire in 1820, those two rooms' interior was designed according to the taste of the classic era.
Around 13:30 we drove back to St. Petersburg where some of us visited the St. Isaac's cathedral. I decided to skip this activity, so that I have some spare time for shopping and such things, before going to the ballet in the evening.
The ballet was great. The performance was named "The night of Russian Ballet" and it were shown different parts from the different ballets. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to finally see the dying swan live on stage.
After the ballet we went back to the hotel to have a ride in a limousine. That was party pure, kinda nice experience ;) and the champaign also tasted pretty good :)

On Sunday it was pretty hard to get up^^ even though I skipped the night club on the Saturday (and Friday) I really felt tired as hell that morning. But no time to rest, after our check-out at the hotel we went to visit the hermitage museum. It is located in the winter palace and some other buildings, so it was huge but I didn't get lost and found the right exit again ;). The guided tour through the hermitage museum was ok, at some point it just got a bit boring, but well life isn't always like a pony ranch ;)
Later that day we checked onto the ferry back to Helsinki and well it was kinda sad to say good bye after having such an awesome time in St. Petersburg. But I knew some people were looking forward to see me again and so was I ;) so yeah after all it is nice to be back.

I will put some photos online as soon as I have them on my computer, but now I have to go, I have my last Swedish lesson today ;)

Vi ses ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Time of Excitement

Hi my dear reader :)

Tomorrow I finally will take the maturity exam about my final thesis. Setting the date was once again a huge argy-bargy with my lovely supervisor. But well, now the date is set, and I am looking forward to finally leave my "University time" behind me, at least for some years. I probably will do a master at some point as a specialization in my profession. And if doing a master I would love to do it while working, but let's see about that in 3 or 4 years.

Since Saturday it is raining from time to time. Gosh, how I love the sound of rain against the window. Because here in Finland it also means, that the snow will melt a bit faster. So finally spring is on its way :)

Sorry for the short entry ;) but I need to go now :)

I wish you all a nice week,

Monday, March 21, 2011

The dress

Dear reader,

I suppose you all still remember the shoes that I bought this month. Yes right, my new love ;-). Well, today I finally found the time and the help of a friend to make some photos of the whole outfit that I plan to wear at my brother's confirmation.
So here is the photo:

Today was also the second (and last) ice-show of my skating club. And well the after-performance-blues came already. Luckily I can look forward for next year so the next ice-show will come, and I will definitely be part of it again ;).
Soon the season will be over again, so yeah time to find some kind of dance course for the summer time :)

Lots of love,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peppi Pitkätossun seikailut

Hi Everyone,

today was our first of two ice-shows. The shows' name is "Peppi Pitkätossun seikailut" (Pippi Longstocking's adventures).
Today morning we had the dress rehearsal, which also went rather bad, but well it's said that if the dress rehearsal goes bad, the actual performance will go well. And so it did, at least more or less. One of my jumps wasn't even worth being called a jump, but well the rest went pretty smoothly. Of course the feeling of excitement ri
ght before you get onto the ice (or onto the stage) was again there, and gosh how I do love that feeling.

But well, now it's time for me to make my journey towards the dream-land. But for you one photo from today:

Hyvää yötä (Good Night)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awesome News


I really do have awesome news this time.
I got a practical work placement, it's paid and lasts for 6 months, starting in April. So yeah some relief right now, and until April I really can enjoy my spare time right now.

and here a song for today :)

lots of love from Finland,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Successful Shopping

Hi folks :)

Today I just had to fulfill one cliché about women :D. I went shopping and what did I buy? ;) yeah right a pair of shoes :) I saw them in the store and well I just fell in love with them :) they will fit perfectly with the dress that I will wear at my brother's confirmation. So there was no other way than buying them :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

Dear all women out there,

just a short post. I hope you all had/have a great women's day.

My day wasn't any different to other days, I sent out some job application and well let's hope that I'll find a job soon ;). But at least everyone keeps telling me, that I'll find something :) so let's see what the near future holds for me.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Historical Moment


It's done :D I am just so extremely happy :) Another Chapter is closed, my Bachelor's thesis is ready to submit. What a wonderful feeling :) Well ok, it's almost ready to submit, I still need to convert it into a pdf-file :) but the rest is done :).
Thanks at this point to all the people who supported me throughout the whole process. I think without your help I wouldn't have make it so far. Those few people didn't just support me by giving me advices, but also listening to me, when again I was complaining about several different problems which I faced at some points ;).

Last Wednesday I finally met someone in person with whom I was writing already for some months via skype (the contact to her came via another friend). Well, I really did have some nice talk with her, and I am still thinking about some things that we've talked about. For example we were talking about friendships in general as well as a little bit in detail. But I won't mention any details here ;) but well let me just tell you a bit. Lately I am thinking more and more about one person. Sometimes I ask myself whether I just expect too much or whether that person really has changed so much. That person and I used to share a lot with each other, we basically knew everything about the other one. Now I wonder whether that was maybe a bit too much. The communication between us becomes more and more a one-way communication and honestly slowly I don't know whether any action from my side is still worth it. But the again I don't wanna loose that person so easily. Last year I took one step in the hope that also that person wakes up and will become more active again. For a short period it even helped, but now it seems like everything got back to routine again, and so the communication died away again.
I think I am just extremely disappointed and that's why I try to somehow keep that friendship, but maybe I just have to let go. Friendships come and go, I got to know that already. But I never thought I'd loose this one....

well anyway I wish you all a nice and joyful weekend.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

First creativity post 2011

Little boy

Oh little boy,
you chain yourself to your secret,
by putting on a mask,
so no one will ever know.

Oh little boy,
you're hiding away your secret,
making your heart so heavy.

Oh little boy,
you used to play that game,
not knowing it will chain you forever.

Now you try to break free,
not knowing it's in vain.
Now you try to fly,
ending up again on the ground.

Before you fly,
you have to be free.
Before you spread your wings,
the chains need to be broken.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year and all that stuff ;)

OMG and again it's a new year, though it's almost old already :D it's the middle of January already O.o What wishes do you have for the year 2011? I have only one wish :) I want to find some work :) Just two or three months, then I will graduate :)

Basically here happened a lot of things ;) I moved at the end of last year inside Helsinki :) and well then I was extremely busy with studying for my last exam, which I passed and so my very last course is done as well :) Tamk time is definitely coming to an end. When I think of 2008 when I started to study, gosh it feels like an eternity ago though it's just 2 1/2 years ago. I had so many nice moments during those 2 1/2 years, I got to know such nice people, and I guess some will stay friends for a lifetime :) and of course there were also moments that everyone tries to forget :D and I guess in my case I really was able to move them into the corner of my brain which is not so often used so that I just forget all those moments :D or the other possibility is, that most of the time there were just nice moments :D

Ok, folks it's 11:47pm, so I guess it's time to start the journey to the dreamland ;)

I wish you all a nice (rest-)week and of course a nice weekend ;)