Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not a usual weekend

Hello world out there ;)

though the weekend lies already a bit behind and we are in the middle of another week, I'd like to share my experiences from last the weekend with you :)

I have been at the Pori Jazz Festival. Some of you might think now "WTF Jazz??" and to those I just quote Frank Zappa "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." The festival was really an awesome experience. The whole feeling was just very relaxed and one was able to see that people came there to enjoy the whole atmosphere.

Well, so we stayed from Friday until Sunday in Pori. It was actually my first time in Pori (apart from one or two times, where I was just passing through the town ;)) And well what shall I say the town reminded me a lot of my hometown. Seaside, kinda small town but once year there is a huge happening and the whole city is full of life. Yeah I guess right now I kinda regret that I missed this year's festival in my hometown ;) Especially the medieval part of it (though it's nothing compared to the real medieval festivals) I kinda miss, but next summer will come for sure and then I might be again in middle-europe ;).

At the Pori Jazz Festival we watched on Saturday night N.E.R.D. and Massive Attack. Both bands were just brilliant and we had a lot of fun while dancing and partying ;) On Saturday we went to watch Eric Bibb (who was actually pretty good, it was just the perfect music for a Sundaz morning picknick), the Gustav Lundgren Quartet feat. Teemu Viinikainen and Husband(the last band reminded me with their sound a bit of Dream Theater).

And then Sunday evening it was time to leave Pori again, kinda sad that time went by that quickly (once again) but I know one day I gonna go to Pori again ;).

I still didn't receive the photos from that weekend, but I guarantee you, that as soon as I gonna get them I gonna put one or two online here ;).

Lots of Love,

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