Sunday, July 18, 2010

back to the roots

Here I am again, freshly and full of energy *LMAO* well, ok, maybe not freshly and full of energy, but I am back from Tampere ;).

Friday midday it was time to leave Helsinki, to escape for a few days from this big-city-life. So yeah with nice company on the way to Tampere I was going for a great weekend. On Friday evening a friend had her house-warming party. It was a really nice evening. I met a lot of my Tampere friends again and together we had a blast :) Later that evening we were in an Irish pub :) I kinda like places where I can get a glas of Kilkenny ;)
The Saturday was a total chill-out day :) We spent it at the Pyynikki beach. It was a brilliant sunny day so I finally got rid of my office taint, and now I hope for the one or other sunny day before Thursday when I return to the office again :).
The evening we spent at "Jack the Rooster" where we had about 3h hardcore karaoke :D. And after that we enjoyed the Guns n' Roses tribute band. My personal favorite "Paradise City" they played as the very last song. That was just awesome :).

Well, and today I returned to the big city ;) again with nice company on the train trip from Tampere to Helsinki :).

well here is one photo from Friday:

Lots of love from Finland,

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