Monday, March 21, 2011

The dress

Dear reader,

I suppose you all still remember the shoes that I bought this month. Yes right, my new love ;-). Well, today I finally found the time and the help of a friend to make some photos of the whole outfit that I plan to wear at my brother's confirmation.
So here is the photo:

Today was also the second (and last) ice-show of my skating club. And well the after-performance-blues came already. Luckily I can look forward for next year so the next ice-show will come, and I will definitely be part of it again ;).
Soon the season will be over again, so yeah time to find some kind of dance course for the summer time :)

Lots of love,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peppi Pitkätossun seikailut

Hi Everyone,

today was our first of two ice-shows. The shows' name is "Peppi Pitkätossun seikailut" (Pippi Longstocking's adventures).
Today morning we had the dress rehearsal, which also went rather bad, but well it's said that if the dress rehearsal goes bad, the actual performance will go well. And so it did, at least more or less. One of my jumps wasn't even worth being called a jump, but well the rest went pretty smoothly. Of course the feeling of excitement ri
ght before you get onto the ice (or onto the stage) was again there, and gosh how I do love that feeling.

But well, now it's time for me to make my journey towards the dream-land. But for you one photo from today:

Hyvää yötä (Good Night)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awesome News


I really do have awesome news this time.
I got a practical work placement, it's paid and lasts for 6 months, starting in April. So yeah some relief right now, and until April I really can enjoy my spare time right now.

and here a song for today :)

lots of love from Finland,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Successful Shopping

Hi folks :)

Today I just had to fulfill one cliché about women :D. I went shopping and what did I buy? ;) yeah right a pair of shoes :) I saw them in the store and well I just fell in love with them :) they will fit perfectly with the dress that I will wear at my brother's confirmation. So there was no other way than buying them :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

Dear all women out there,

just a short post. I hope you all had/have a great women's day.

My day wasn't any different to other days, I sent out some job application and well let's hope that I'll find a job soon ;). But at least everyone keeps telling me, that I'll find something :) so let's see what the near future holds for me.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Historical Moment


It's done :D I am just so extremely happy :) Another Chapter is closed, my Bachelor's thesis is ready to submit. What a wonderful feeling :) Well ok, it's almost ready to submit, I still need to convert it into a pdf-file :) but the rest is done :).
Thanks at this point to all the people who supported me throughout the whole process. I think without your help I wouldn't have make it so far. Those few people didn't just support me by giving me advices, but also listening to me, when again I was complaining about several different problems which I faced at some points ;).

Last Wednesday I finally met someone in person with whom I was writing already for some months via skype (the contact to her came via another friend). Well, I really did have some nice talk with her, and I am still thinking about some things that we've talked about. For example we were talking about friendships in general as well as a little bit in detail. But I won't mention any details here ;) but well let me just tell you a bit. Lately I am thinking more and more about one person. Sometimes I ask myself whether I just expect too much or whether that person really has changed so much. That person and I used to share a lot with each other, we basically knew everything about the other one. Now I wonder whether that was maybe a bit too much. The communication between us becomes more and more a one-way communication and honestly slowly I don't know whether any action from my side is still worth it. But the again I don't wanna loose that person so easily. Last year I took one step in the hope that also that person wakes up and will become more active again. For a short period it even helped, but now it seems like everything got back to routine again, and so the communication died away again.
I think I am just extremely disappointed and that's why I try to somehow keep that friendship, but maybe I just have to let go. Friendships come and go, I got to know that already. But I never thought I'd loose this one....

well anyway I wish you all a nice and joyful weekend.