Monday, August 30, 2010

she used to be a pearl

Hi world out there.

Well I am just listening to the new Katy Perry album "Teenage Dream" on Spotify. And there are two songs on the album that I really love. The first one is "Pearl" just because of the lyrics; "She used to be a pear,..... Can't believe she's become a shell of herself...." But in the end the pearl is back, so yeah it was just hidden (or lost) for some time but the pearl didn't die. This kind of spirit I also learned to have. Life is just like that! Bad things can happen, and they will happen, but there will be always something good following up as well.
When I remember back some years ago, I hard a hard time to learn that lesson, but I managed and it made me strong. And I guess people are right when they are saying that shit and assholes make one strong,.... But well I guess I won't dig too deep into this subject now ;)

The other song I love on the album is "Not like the movies" and again the lyrics mean a lot to me. The dream about finding the right match, but realizing that you can't find him/her, it's more that you need to be found by him/her ;). And well the piano is just so damn beautiful, so another reason to love that song ;).

So yeah I guess that was it already for today, maybe it wasn't that much, but I really won't dig the subject deeper here ;).

lots of love from Finland,

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