Wednesday, July 21, 2010

aaaaand action.....

Hello once again,

I know it's already late but I just have some thoughts running through my mind, and they kinda prevent me from sleeping ;) (I guess everyone of us got to know this feeling already).

Well, my life is just once again changing. A lot of actions are happening right now in my life and somehow now in the evening I have the time to think about everything. I see my last two days running in front of my eyes, as I would watch a movie with me as the main actress. I know, or better I feel that it's the right thing what I am doing now, but still things are happening so fast. And that scares me from time to time. I always try to live the moment as much as possible and sometimes it would be nice to just press the "pause" button, but that's not possible, and I know that.
Well, maybe this is just one step in life; realizing that time is running no matter what we do or leave undone. I for myself just also noticed that there are certain people in my life who are like constants in my life and I think from those very few people I also can get some energy to keep on going my way (which btw is really worth going ;)).

So at this point: THANKS to those very few people :)

Lots of love from Finland,

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