Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dreams, where do they come from? Do we really decide by ourselves what our dreams and wishes in life are, or is it all influenced by the surrounding in which we grow up etc.? Why do some of us give up their dreams and why have others the energy to fight for their dreams?

I by myself can't complain that my dreams just stay dreams. I managed to make my biggest dream reality!
Then again I meet people and they tell me, what they would like to do; but within the same second they also tell me all the negative things that may happen, and in the end they somehoe stopped believing in their dreams. But why? At least from my own experience I learned, that when you think positive it is much easier to achieve your goal(s) or dreams. I know it's sometimes hard to think positive and sometimes it even might be good to just let the tears run, but there is always the moment when one should think of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because the sun will always return one day. As it is already said in one of my all-time favourite movies: "It can't rain all the time."
I know that I am probably anyhow just a damn optimist ;) but I haven't been always like that, I learned to think positive, and so I believe that others can as well.

And honestly the world would be also so much nicer and better if not every second person is whining all the time ;).

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