Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pure Confusion....

Hi again....

Gosh is my calender lying or is it really already August? O.O time really seems to run, but there is now one thing why I am happy about the fact that time is running ;) Because next month finally the skating season starts again for me :) so I'll be back on the ice and having my weekly training :)

Otherwise the last time was strange once again. There were such brilliant moments which just show me that life is definitely worth living, but then there were those little moments where I just questioned everything. And somehow this kind of feeling just pushes me down -.- but maybe also that just belongs to the thing we call life ;).

Tears in your eyes,
sadness on your face.
traces burned into your face,
memories of the past.

You chose the fight,
you dared to take the step.
You wanted to live.
But all you're left with,
is a broken dream.

You were strong,
never looked back.
Never questioned anything,
and always went your way.

Back in the golden days,
people looked at you,
loved and admired you.
Now, the sun is gone,
and you are alone.

The shooting star you're hoping for,
it won't come this night.
The warmth you are longing for,
won't meld your coat of ice.

With love from Finland,

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