Thursday, March 18, 2010

just a normal day ;)

Hi everyone,

it's me again ;) Thought I let you know that I am still alive ;)

Well, honestly here didn't happen that much lately. The normal ups and downs, but what would the life be without them? right, it would be a bit boring ;)

We are still waiting for spring to arrive, it really lets us wait -.- just last night it snowed again (though not that much, but still ;)) and today morning we had -10°C. But at least the sun was /is shining very bright at the moment ;) so it gives us at least the feeling that spring is knocking at the door ;)
And when I look at the calendar I notice once more that time is running ;) we are already in the second half of March, so in about one month I am going to move to Helsinki. I am so thrilled to finally move back home ;). At this point I have to mention my amazing friends in Helsinki, they never let me down in the past and also now with this "big" move they are helping me with all kind of things!!!! honestly guys, without you I'd never ever made it that far ;). KIITOKSIA PALJON TEILLE KAIKILLE ;)

well what else goes through my mind right now?!? probably not too much since I relaxed a bit this week, this was just necessairy after the last two weeks, my brain totally felt like being toasted.... but this week I was able to recharge my batteries and so I think I'll have the energy to give everything in that very last part of my theoretical studies ;).

I wish you all a very nice rest of the week and a nice weekend ;)


here the song of today:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hyvää Naistenpäivää (Women's day)

Hi everyone,
I am back in "winter wonderland". I came bac home yesterday evening after spending two nice days at my host family's place in Helsinki.

Now I just keep wondering what I did last week that I still feel in a huge need of vacation... One week is just not enough, especially when teachers don't care and the pile of work just keeps on growing and growing. But I guess that's life ;). But so I skipped the skating lesson today, so that I can focus 2 more hours on "Business law and ethics" yeah it sounds exciting, I know ;)).

I hope you all are doing fine, and to all the female readers here: "Have a great women's day". Just be the queen today ;).

lots of love from Finland,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terveisiä Saksasta

Hi everyone,

I feel like letting you know that I have a wonderful week here in Germany. Although it's almost over. Tomorrow I gonna fly back to Finland. But I won't think about that right now, rather I just wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;)
I think most of you know that I am a total "family-person", so yeah every holiday that I spent here with my family is kinda recharging my batteries ;). And when I see the upcoming actions in my life I think I really need this energy package ;).

But now a short summary about the most wonderful moments in the last week. Last Friday I had some friends over, and we had a really nice relaxing evening with a lot of laughter ;). Then last Saturday I went out with some friends, that was a long and very funny night ;) Although we stayed 'till 4am or something like that in the "Tunis" (my favourite bar/ club here), I wasn't able to talk to all the people I wanted, since there were just too many people I wanted to talk to ;).
Sunday was a total "family-day" and that was just wonderful :). Nothing special just the typical things and especially a nice dinner ;). And then on Tuesday I met two friends and had another very nice day.

Ok I think that's enough for now, 'cause I wanna enjoy the last day with my family ;).

Lots of love from Germany,