Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Mr. Medicine

As Eliza Doolittle sings:

"Oh Mr. Medicine,
I will take anything.
What do you recommend?
Oh Mr. Medicine,
I need my vitamins.
Will I feel better then?"

Though I heavily doubt right now that vitamins would help right now ;). I think I'd prefer a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream, some good movie and my bestie here with me. But well, as we all noticed already, life ain't an everlasting lollypop.
This week was just way out of track. I am just not a friend of hidden messages somewhere between two lines. Why can't people talk directly to each other, and say what they mean (or at least they could try)?!? I am just slowly tired of figuring things out.
OK, then again I had to learn (once again) that whatever a person tells there'll be always people who won't take that person serious or whatever, I have no idea... But I for my taste, believe a person when they tell me the sun ain't shining, that the sun really isn't shining. I won't go and look through the window just to see by myself that the sun really isn't out there shining (anyhow just seeing a grey sky is not that nice ;)). But I guess you folks got the point that I just tried to make clear.

Lots of love from Finland,

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