Saturday, February 20, 2010

The philharmonic orchestra from Kemi

Hello my dears,

yes this time I have to share a lot of information with you ;) Well let's see whether my mental condition is already that well that I am able to write some sentences here which conain at least some sense ;)

Yesterday 7pm it was THE moment, the doors of Pakkahuone opened. And slowly the queue moved inside. It was my first time in Pakkahuone, so far I have had been just in Klubi. The stage of Pakkahuone is bigger than in Klubi, but still it's not too big, so that there is still this nice intimate club atmosphere.

At 7:45pm the support band "Winterborn" took the stage. Well let's say as a warm-up act they weren't that bad. There were even one or two songs that I partly liked (mostly because of the vocal lines). But in general their songs sounded too much the same all the time.
I think we (me + my besties) still had a nice time ;)

After "Winterborn" ended we had to wait 'till 9pm. Then we finally saw the act that made us come to Pakkahuone ;) SONATA ARCTICA!!! The intro (known from the latest album) was brilliant (well what do you expect if Apocalyptica was working on it ;)). Then the guys came on stage and started the show with "Flag in the ground". The gig was kinda brilliant :) Tony again played the "story-teller" also he showed us that he is able to yodel (yeah he really did that ;)) I think that yodel thingy made the two austrians standing next to me really feel like home ;).

The set-list contained songs like: Fullmoon, Paid in Full, As if the world wasn't ending, 8th Commandment, Replica, Juliet, Black Sheep (thx for playing my eternal fave ;)), The cage, The last amazing grays, Black and White and Don't say a word.

Tony did then some nice singing lesson with the audience and together we sang "We will rock you". That was pure fun and made this concert a unic moment in my collection of memories.

The end of the gig was then the Vodka song (but this time no slave came on stage to serve the Vodka ;)), which this time went over into a part of "Everything fades to grey".

Well, what else shall I say, I think everybody who has seen this band already knows how active they can be on stage, especially Tony jumping and dancing around on the stage ;). I just can say I enjoyed that gig and can't wait for the next one :).

I just wish that they would finally create some girly shirts that look a bit more attractive ;). Guys I would have been in the mood to spent money ;)

But well, I think that's enough of yesterday ;)

A lot of love from Finland

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