Sunday, November 21, 2010

wishes once again and still in vain

hello and here comes another cloud of thoughts,

Last week I had a talk with a friend. It made me realize (once again) that there are several levels of communication. You know you talk to someone, and still even though the person is listening to you they are not listening as well. They hear the words, but they don't understand them. Some might say this happens a lot when one is not talking in their mother-tongue, but I say even in when talking your mother-tongue this kind of misunderstanding somehow became so common and usual in nowadays' world.But why?
Why can't people just rest some minutes per day and try to listen first of all to themselves? I believe that far too many of us are so restless that they just can't stop any minute to just listen to themselves and their feelings, wishes or dreams; But I think that those dreams, hopes, wishes (or whatever there is) is important to gather the energy for the life itself and for friends who need our help. I mean friends, those people who are pretty close to one, they can give you so much, but from time to time they also need your support. And since you are called as a friend by them isn't normal to help then. Well for me it is obvious to help, but I learned last week that this doesn't go for everyone.
What am I actually talking about?!?! I suppose it's the normal life, that people change as soon as their life situation changes. Before I started to write this entry I was looking through some old photos (back in the days so to say :D), nice memories came up while looking at those photos. Maybe I am at the moment just thinking to much of the past, but I am just not so good with loosing people and it kinda always throws me back down...

well I hope all those thoughts, that I kinda tried to write down here, aren't too foggy and unclear ;).


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