Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small update from Helsinki

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all are doing fine :). The weather here in Helsinki isn't the best one, it's kinda grey and rainy, thought it was quite sunny last Thursday. Thursday morning was just brilliant. To get to work I always take first the bus and then the metro (from Sörnäinen). Mostly I am that early in Ruoholahti that I take the way to the office which goes by the sea. And Thursday morning it was so great when the sun reflects itself on the water surface, and the little breeze in my hair. It was a perfect morning.

Also my work is really fun :) I really enjoy it. It's kinda amazing that my first week is already over. Concerning my tasks this week, they weren't that challenging but I think with the time they will become more challenging (at least I hope so ;)).

and again a song I want to share with you ;)this time it's one of the latest Indica songs. I kinda like this song ;)

ok, I will be off now

lots of love from Helsinki