Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time will not heal a dead boy's scar

Dear Folks out there :)

here I am again :) back from the City Ranch in Lepsämä :) I was there for a friend's housewarming party, so yeah it was a nice weekend :) Though I had some conversation last night, that made me recall several things.

Sometimes life goes such weird ways, and due to such strange ways (which we often don't understand immediately) people have to go through some really shitty things in their life. I experienced that if you still keep your eyes open while going through some shit, then you will notice that there is always someone trying to help, if you let that person help you. Of course sometimes the person can't help to ease the pain or make the tears stop falling. But that person will at least try to catch your tears before they start to build up a lake in which you will drown.
I by myself experienced that it's sometimes hard to keep the eyes open and to take one step after another out of the mess, but moments like this weekend (being with really good friends) shows me once again, that it's always worth to keep on fighting.

Paradise Seeker

Your heart captured,
locked in a golden box.
Hidden somewhere,
far away so no one will ever find it.

You use to loose yourself,
into the fairytale of golden days.
You use to hide your tears,
between the lines of your lullaby.

Your dreams,
broken and buried.
Lost back in time,
when the sun still used to shine.

My dear, I know,
you've been hurt,
you're craving for peace.
But let me ease your pain,
show you the way to your garden of Eden,
and bring back the smile I loved so well.

Lots of Love from Finland,

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