Thursday, July 22, 2010

Die Gute Charlotte

How shall I start,.... am I really already in the state of writing sentences with some kind of content?!? xD

well, what shall I say; this was just awesome... you might ask yourself now: "What the hell is that girl now talking about?!" and honestly to this question are two answers ;)

so let me start with the more recent one:

I got today the chance to go to the Good Charlotte gig at Tavastia. And folks out there, I can tell you that band is just awesome live. They are definitely worth going ;) I was kinda surprised that they played quite a lot of old songs (The Anthem, Girls and Boys, The story of my old man, The young and the hopeless, my bloody valentine, Lifestyle of the rich and famous and many more) but I won't complain ;) they kinda made me feel young again (yeah I am soooooooooo....ooooooo old :D). And there has been communication between the audience and the band throughout the whole gig. So it was luckily a totally different experience than last Monday.
Good Charlotte definitely rocked Tavastia and one thing is for sure I'd go any time again to see them live.

well and now the second great news: I GONNA MOVE :) closer to the city center :)

Lots of love,

PS: here the song for the evening:


-Pablo- said...

Those thongs brought back memories to me, too. Even though I'm not quite as ooooold as you, of course!! ;)

I wish you luck with your moving. :)

-Pablo- said...

Oh, shit!!! Did I really write thongs for songs???... :S That must be my subconsciousness speaking. ;)

Oceanlady said...

No Problem ;) I still understood what you wanted to say ;)