Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anteeksi ;)

Hello :)

yeah I got a bit lazy again about this blog, and I am really sorry about that. But here we go again ;)

So what happened since my last blog!?!?!

I was quite busy with school, and well of course every monday I had my skating lesson ;) but then i have been also creative once again. so here you go:

Again we are here,
the same old face,
the same old role.

You are the weak and I am the strong.
you suffer and I care.

But for how long shall this go on?
for how long do you drown in your tears?
for how long do live in sorrow?

Every day I'm using my power for you.
Every day I try to get you back to life.
But you ain't notice anything,
too deep you are in the past,
too deep in the darkness.

Every day I pray and hope,
you'd come back into life,
you'd spread your wings again,
you'd smile again.

it's not the very best one, but it means a lot to me. when writing it I had to think of one friend, and he is really important to me.

lots of love

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yeah I am finally again in helsinki, although the last time is just some weeks ago ;) but still I missed it so much, and especially I missed my best friend here :)

I am already at her place. We just need to get the matress to her place so I don't need to sleep on the blank floor ;) And later we go to her friend's house-warming party. This will be some fun for sure.

The train trip to here was nice but way too long :D esp when you are too tired to do given assignments ;)

but yeah I wish you all a great weekend,

lots of love from Helsinki this time

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good morning

Good morning dear world :)

It is a really wonderful day :) unfortunately I just have to spent the whole day in university :/ but well could be worse.

Just yesterday evening I had a chat with someone, and it really brought up some thoughts in my mind. Where do we come from? Where do we belong to? And who are we? well to come to the point, I for myself think you belong there to where you feel comfortable, and this doesn't have to do anything with what genes do you have. Of course our genes are the origin, somehow, but still, just because I was born and raised in Germany, it doesn't mean I am a typical German.
Ok I don't know whether anyone can understand that stuff what I am just writing here ;) but yeah what I kind of wanna say is, a human being can always change and adapt different kinds of things. And so we are not only that where we come from, but also that where we feel ourselves belonging to ;)

wow I got really philosophical :D

but now it's time to wish you all a great day.

lots of love

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A normal Sunday?!?!

Another day is over. It was a great day!!! OK, I had to work a bit, but the work went quite well (I am just writing a paper for Human Resource Management). Well and then later in the afternoon my flatmate made some nice austrian bakery thingy, it's filled with apples and it really tastes so good, although my flatmate had some problem with the Finnish ready made puff pastry. Well and then she invited over some other Austrian and German girls and we all spent the day with tea, coffee and a lot of nice talk ;).
Now I am sittign here and listen to Nightwish, and yeah I think it was a great Sunday, and I am really looking forward for the upcoming week, esp because some friend from Germany is coming for the next weekend. And we gonna head for a Karaoke bar and as I think I already mentioned the Schatten party.
I think this was it so far about today ;)

lots of love from Finland

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Morning ;)

Hello everyone :) Another great morning it is. And as you see I am really motivated now to keep my blog up to date.

Yesterday eveing was really great, we (Julia, Karolina and I) had a lot of fun with two bottles of sparkling wine :D and nice conversation, thx to Julia and Karolina ;) So it was a quite long eveing :) so I am a bit surprised to be awake already :D

Now I am still sitting at Julias Lap top and I am enjoying the view through her window. I can directly see Pyhäjärvi. It is so nice. Although it's not the ocean it is also quite nice. And anyhow just two weeks left then I gonna visit Helsinki again, so of course I gonna sit at the seaside again enjoying the view onto the water til the horizon.

well, my plan for today is nothing that special. Today evening I gonna babysit so some extra cash for next week when the Schatten party is here in Tampere again.

But yeah so far for this morning ;)

lots of love

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good morning :)

I wish you all a good morning :)
I am really motivated now to keep my blog more up to date.
I by myself, I am just enjoying my life right now. The skating season started again for me, so every Monday I am on the ice again ;) and today evening I am going to be at a friends place for some ladys evening ;) So some cocktails and so on is the plan, and that means a lot of fun ;)

Although the weather here is not that brilliant. It was raining a lot today morning, but now the sun is coming through ;)

I hope the weather at your places is better or at least more constant ;)

many greets from Finland

Thursday, September 3, 2009

break time

yeah my last minutes of my break :) I am sitting in the library :) and soon my French course is going to start, no I don't wanna commit suicide, but I like challenges ;)

so yeah I try to write more in the future (near future)

greets from Tampere