Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Historical Moment


It's done :D I am just so extremely happy :) Another Chapter is closed, my Bachelor's thesis is ready to submit. What a wonderful feeling :) Well ok, it's almost ready to submit, I still need to convert it into a pdf-file :) but the rest is done :).
Thanks at this point to all the people who supported me throughout the whole process. I think without your help I wouldn't have make it so far. Those few people didn't just support me by giving me advices, but also listening to me, when again I was complaining about several different problems which I faced at some points ;).

Last Wednesday I finally met someone in person with whom I was writing already for some months via skype (the contact to her came via another friend). Well, I really did have some nice talk with her, and I am still thinking about some things that we've talked about. For example we were talking about friendships in general as well as a little bit in detail. But I won't mention any details here ;) but well let me just tell you a bit. Lately I am thinking more and more about one person. Sometimes I ask myself whether I just expect too much or whether that person really has changed so much. That person and I used to share a lot with each other, we basically knew everything about the other one. Now I wonder whether that was maybe a bit too much. The communication between us becomes more and more a one-way communication and honestly slowly I don't know whether any action from my side is still worth it. But the again I don't wanna loose that person so easily. Last year I took one step in the hope that also that person wakes up and will become more active again. For a short period it even helped, but now it seems like everything got back to routine again, and so the communication died away again.
I think I am just extremely disappointed and that's why I try to somehow keep that friendship, but maybe I just have to let go. Friendships come and go, I got to know that already. But I never thought I'd loose this one....

well anyway I wish you all a nice and joyful weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! Congrats!! I bet it feels good to have that 'beast' done. :D

As for friendships. You are so right, they come and go which is very sad. But if it was meant to be, then you'll know. :) Friendships are not one-way streets EVER, both need to give something for it to work. Hopefully you're friend will realize what a wonderful person they are missing out on. :D

Many hugs and see you next week!