Sunday, October 16, 2011

Already October??!!??


wow, is it just me feeling weird, or is the time running like hell (once again). I just realized that soon it's my brother's birthday and then more or less two more months and the year is over.

Somehow in the end of a year there are so many things happening that the time is always short. Of course I don't just wanna complain ;) it is nice to have so much action in life, but I guess some of us really forget to take a deep breath and to focus on the most important things in life. I know that I forget those important things sometimes as well, or I don't forget them, but somehow they get lost in all the things that I have to do and that I wanna do. So I really don't wanna sound like some old wise granny, telling how one should live their life ;). It's more like me trying to remind myself of the important things.

Ok, I guess this post doesn't have so much content this time ;) I hope you can forgive me ;)

With Love,

PS: The video for Twincity's latest EP "Unbreakable" will be soon ready :) Then you'll hear the whole story from the shoot, see photos and a lot more ;)

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