Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The October Update ;)

Hello my dear readers :)

here comes the October Update. I was (again) pretty busy lately and somehow I didn't find the time to write my blog ;).

But I have good news! Being busy really paid off, since I found a new job. Well, it basically just another internship, so a limited contract until next April. But even though it's just another internship I am happy about it :) because it's a job in the book industry and even though this week is my first week at the Elina Ahlb├Ąck Literary Agency, I can say that there are certain similarities to the music industry. So I truly believe that I will gain some important knowledge and experiences at that agency. Right now I am waiting that the printer finally does what I want him to do, so that I can finish the presentation folders for the Frankfurt Book fair where my team will go to next week.

Btw. Talking about books, I am just in the middle of a very interesting book. "Change of Heart" is really about an interesting subject. It's about religion, how different people perceive religion and why there are still so many questions that no one really can answer. The book shows several conflicts between people and religion. I think it's a book that makes you think about the whole subject again.
Not that I really believe in that what is said in the bible or other holy writings ;) but I love to think about it, because nevertheless I think those writings (just like historical documentations) can provide us with some answers why humans act like they do ;)

but now let's see whether the printer works now ;)

lots of love,

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