Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Readers,

My job in the Literary Agency is really a nice experience. I am able to develop my skills and learn a lot more about how the book industry works. I have to say that I find a few similarities to the music industry. I mean just by taking a very broad approach both industries are dealing with artists and their products.

Just a few moments ago we had a glass of champagne with one of our authors, since we wer able to just a big deal in Spain. Well, for me the nicest thing of this small get together wasn’t the champagne as many of you might think now, but the details of getting the deal that were shared together with the glass of champagne. Those details weren’t anything like how to negotiate such a deal but more about how nicely and easy thing can go sometimes (of course with a lot of effort invested beforehand).

But actually what I wanted to tell you is:
Down in the lobby there is a sentence which makes me think a bit each day when I pass by it. “Those who don’t read, just live one time”. I so agree with that sentence, because isn’t it that what makes a good book, that you can get lost in it, that you read page over page and at some point you notice that the clock shows almost midnight and you maybe should get some sleep.

tell me, what makes out a good book ;)

With Love,

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