Thursday, October 8, 2009

still alive

Hello everyone,
I am really sorry for being so lazy in the last time ;) but yeah school stuff needed to be done ;) and so I was less surfing through the net and of course had also less time to write ;)

So what is new?!?! I was last weekend in Helsinki (again) because Amorphis was playing there, so yeah it was a must to be there ;) some time to chill out and just to relax. After all the assignments I was in a huge need of this :) The concert was on Friday, and on Saturday I had a really nice time with my best friend. I really miss her here in Tampere, although Helsinki is not so far away it is still too far away for just having a nice chat or some girly talk ;) But it always awesome when I am in Helsinki.
Well, then I am right now searching for an internship placement, wish me good luck that I find one ;) cause otherwise I have to invent something for next summer :P but yeah still I am very optimistic (although sometimes I wonder where I get that energy from).

But ok, I guess that's all for now, i still gonna work a bit here in the TAMK library and then off to Glaston (A field trip from my international marketing course).

lots of love,

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