Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anteeksi ;)

Hello :)

yeah I got a bit lazy again about this blog, and I am really sorry about that. But here we go again ;)

So what happened since my last blog!?!?!

I was quite busy with school, and well of course every monday I had my skating lesson ;) but then i have been also creative once again. so here you go:

Again we are here,
the same old face,
the same old role.

You are the weak and I am the strong.
you suffer and I care.

But for how long shall this go on?
for how long do you drown in your tears?
for how long do live in sorrow?

Every day I'm using my power for you.
Every day I try to get you back to life.
But you ain't notice anything,
too deep you are in the past,
too deep in the darkness.

Every day I pray and hope,
you'd come back into life,
you'd spread your wings again,
you'd smile again.

it's not the very best one, but it means a lot to me. when writing it I had to think of one friend, and he is really important to me.

lots of love

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