Friday, October 16, 2009

back in Tampere

Yes I am back :) and my last week was great :) I made a trip to South Germany to visit some friends and it really was a fabulous time :)

Tuesday I met a good friend of mine, and we had so much to talk about ;) last time we met at Sauna Open Air Festival here in Tampere in the beginning of June, so yeah it was a long time ago ;) And then Tuesday evening I went to a bar with some friends I have spent last new years eve with :) so yeah also those ones I haven't seen for such a long time :)

Wednesday was more or less a chill out day for me, although I did a bit school stuff, yeah I know it's scarry, even in my vacations I do sth for school^^ but yeah two big exams are coming up, so the time pressure is there xD

Thursday, so yesterday was my last day in Bad Urach, and well it was great as well :) I was driving car again (after 1 1/2 years) and well then later I have visited some stable what is famous for their arab breeding :) and in the evening again to some bar, enjoying some good wine :)

and yeah now I am back ;) I would have wanted to stay longer, but well anyway I gonna go there again one day.... that's for sure :)

lots of love from finland

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