Friday, October 23, 2009

Survived :)

Hello everyone,
here I am again, and I survived the last week :) I had two exams and two presentations, but I made it ;) and I think not too bad :) at least I hope that.

Unfortunately I missed my skyting lesson last monday due to school stuff -.- but yeah next monday is already close :)

Otherwise I am enjoying the new video by The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon. I really love that song, and esp what the lyrics are about. It is really touching and I really had to fight my tears yesterday when listening it the first time.

Today I slept really long that was so great, I wasn't able to sleep so long for a long time :) and so I was already close to a lck of sleep :D well at least I really enjoyed it finally to be able to switch off the alarm clock ;) And with so much new energy it will be really fun to go babysitting today ;). And after that maybe a friend's houswarming party is calling me, let's see how the evening is going to be. At least the party is just across the street, so not really far away ;) and it would be really nice to finally see some people again.

In university everybody took now the different modules, so sometimes it's really hard to see some faces ;)

ok, I think that's all for now ;)

lots of love from Finland

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BlueGene said...

Hallo Oceanlady

I'm Sam, Sam the Great. I just visit your blog. Seems like celeb stars blog. 3 half star for you.

So far I do not know what to say...I'm tired hectic....

I fond to know about sincere story of Finland peoples like you....