Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good morning

Good morning dear world :)

It is a really wonderful day :) unfortunately I just have to spent the whole day in university :/ but well could be worse.

Just yesterday evening I had a chat with someone, and it really brought up some thoughts in my mind. Where do we come from? Where do we belong to? And who are we? well to come to the point, I for myself think you belong there to where you feel comfortable, and this doesn't have to do anything with what genes do you have. Of course our genes are the origin, somehow, but still, just because I was born and raised in Germany, it doesn't mean I am a typical German.
Ok I don't know whether anyone can understand that stuff what I am just writing here ;) but yeah what I kind of wanna say is, a human being can always change and adapt different kinds of things. And so we are not only that where we come from, but also that where we feel ourselves belonging to ;)

wow I got really philosophical :D

but now it's time to wish you all a great day.

lots of love

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