Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Morning ;)

Hello everyone :) Another great morning it is. And as you see I am really motivated now to keep my blog up to date.

Yesterday eveing was really great, we (Julia, Karolina and I) had a lot of fun with two bottles of sparkling wine :D and nice conversation, thx to Julia and Karolina ;) So it was a quite long eveing :) so I am a bit surprised to be awake already :D

Now I am still sitting at Julias Lap top and I am enjoying the view through her window. I can directly see Pyhäjärvi. It is so nice. Although it's not the ocean it is also quite nice. And anyhow just two weeks left then I gonna visit Helsinki again, so of course I gonna sit at the seaside again enjoying the view onto the water til the horizon.

well, my plan for today is nothing that special. Today evening I gonna babysit so some extra cash for next week when the Schatten party is here in Tampere again.

But yeah so far for this morning ;)

lots of love

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