Sunday, September 6, 2009

A normal Sunday?!?!

Another day is over. It was a great day!!! OK, I had to work a bit, but the work went quite well (I am just writing a paper for Human Resource Management). Well and then later in the afternoon my flatmate made some nice austrian bakery thingy, it's filled with apples and it really tastes so good, although my flatmate had some problem with the Finnish ready made puff pastry. Well and then she invited over some other Austrian and German girls and we all spent the day with tea, coffee and a lot of nice talk ;).
Now I am sittign here and listen to Nightwish, and yeah I think it was a great Sunday, and I am really looking forward for the upcoming week, esp because some friend from Germany is coming for the next weekend. And we gonna head for a Karaoke bar and as I think I already mentioned the Schatten party.
I think this was it so far about today ;)

lots of love from Finland

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