Monday, November 23, 2009

Lack of time

Hi everybody :)

I am really sorry again so much time passed by and I didn't write anything. And once again University is the reason for that ;) I am about to drown in all that papers, essays, homework and learning for the exams. But yeah the end is near (also called christmas ;)).

well what happened in the last 15 days since I wrote my last blog entry.

My best friend has been here for a weekend, and we had a lot of fun, as always when we spend time together. And again I noticed how much I miss Helsinki, but also there I can see the day coming when I finally will move back to Helsinki. The same feeling of longing I had yesterday, when my old host-family came to visit me here in Tampere. I spent a really nice day with them and luckily the weather was really nice yesterday. Not like the last week, nearly every day it was raining -.- I wish all the rain was snow, that would have been nice. Omg I think I am really a positive pers0n, because also in this matter I believe that the snow will come, and at least when my sister is here for visiting me, we are gonna have a lot of snow :) or with other words: "The hope dies at the end".

but now I have to get my focus back on the university stuff.

lots of love

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